Facing foreclosure? We may help you fight the foreclosure, or achieve other loss mitigation goals such as short sale, payment forbearance, loan modification, or other options.


Has someone you love recently passed away. We can help administer the estate to assist you in the transition of assets.

Family Law

Do you need a divorce?Need to enforce a court order? Let us help you through this difficult time.


Whether you are a landlord or a tenant we may help you reach your goal and save you money.



Estate Planning

Do you need assistance in preparing a will or trust to plan for life's eventualities? Death and taxes are unavoidable - less us help you manage how to deal with these.




Looking to get your permanent resident status or apply for citizenship? We can help.

Real Estate Dispute

Disagreement over property boundaries with you neighbor? Buying or selling property and need contract review? Someone claiming title to your property? Any other property dispute...

Business Contracts

Need help drafting a contract? Let us help you draft it right.

Employment Issues

Need advice regarding handling employees or having trouble at work with your employer? Let us guide you.


We can help with all your needs

Many services we offer are available with a free ten-minute telephonic consultation to discuss how we might be able to help.

If your case is more complex, consultations may need to be longer and in-person for a small fee.

Remember, you dont need to have a problem to need an attorney

Attorneys are best utilized when hired to help avoid a problem. While we are always available to help solve whatever problem you may have - hiring an attorney to review your personal or business situations will help you avoid problems which can cost much more down the road.


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